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West Point,

U.S. military post, since 1802 seat of the United States Military AcademyUnited States Military Academy,
at West Point, N.Y.; for training young men and women to be officers in the U.S. army; founded and opened in 1802. The original act provided that the Corps of Engineers stationed at West Point should constitute a military academy, but the growing
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. On the high west bank of the Hudson River N of New York City, West Point was the site of Revolutionary forts guarding the Hudson. Constitution Island, in the river, is also in the reservation. The plan of Benedict ArnoldArnold, Benedict,
1741–1801, American Revolutionary general and traitor, b. Norwich, Conn. As a youth he served for a time in the colonial militia in the French and Indian Wars. He later became a prosperous merchant.
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 to surrender (1780) West Point to the British was discovered with the capture of Major John André.
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west point

See cardinal points.
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west point

[′west ′pȯint]
That point on the celestial sphere that is due west of observer; at this point the celestial equator crosses the horizon.
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West Point

U.S. Military Academy focusing on discipline as part of training. [Am. Hist.: Payton, 729]
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Young turned twenty years old during his first year at the United States Military Academy; lacking both the college experience of Alexander and the aristocratic temperament of Flipper, Young appeared ill-fitted for life at West Point. Charles Rhodes, a classmate of Young's, formed an initial impression of the black cadet as "a rather awkward, overgrown lad, large-boned and robust in physique, and of a nervous, impulsive temperament." While he impressed Rhodes with his ability at the piano and his knowledge of Greek, Latin, Spanish, German, and French, he was not prepared for the rigors of a West Point education, with its heavy emphasis on mathematics and engineering.
With the ending of the Mutual Defense Treaty between America and the Philippines that same year, the annual West Point scholarship grant for Filipinos was cut off.
Previously, more than a quarter of the mental health patients in the neighboring area of Clara Town were residents of West Point. With treatment now available locally, more patients are expected.
President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday afternoon: "So sorry to hear about the terrible accident involving our GREAT West Point Cadets.
"My heart breaks for all those involved in the tragic training accident at West Point this morning," (https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/West-Point-New-York-Major-Car-Crash-Orange-County-Emergency-510906491.html) New York Gov.
The tipping point for Yokohama officials to choose West Point, according to Joe Max Higgins, involved a rented helicopter ride over the razed Bryan Foods plant during a critical stage in the selection process.
Our team is committed to building the best vehicles in the world right here in West Point, Georgia and we dedicate ourselves to world-class quality each day.
Yet less than 10 years later, Jefferson would conclude that the "necessary and proper" clause of the Constitution did in fact give Congress the authority to create West Point, in furtherance of its constitutional power to "raise and support armies."
Any book on military history needs well-researched and clearly rendered maps, and The West Point History of World War II, Vol.
Mesch, a Civil War author, educator, and historian, provides a biography of Major General Charles Ferguson Smith, who worked as an instructor of tactics, adjutant to the superintendent, and commandant of cadets at the US Military Academy at West Point from 1829 to 1842 and served in the Mexican American War and the Utah Expedition, or Mormon War.
Labor Day weekend in West Point kicks off Friday evening, September 4, with the legendary Black Prairie Blues Festival (formerly the FHowlin' Wolf Memorial Blues Festival), a renowned tribute to the area's rich musical heritage.

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