West River

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West River,

China: see XiXi
or Xi Jiang
, great river of S China, c.1,250 mi (2,010 km) long, rising in E Yunnan prov. and flowing generally E through Guangxi and Guangdong provs. to the South China Sea near Guangzhou; the Kui, Bei, and Dong rivers are its chief tributaries.
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As Finance & Commerce reported last November, Ryan sold the West River Parkway site for $21.
The Remarkable Hybrid Maritime World of Hong Kong and the West River Region in the Late Qing Period
Although the plaintiff tripped in front of the Mercado property--where the sunken flag met the next flag--the sunken flag also abutted the West River property.
The product offers outstanding weather resistance, adhesion and color versatility and has also been used in other high profile cultural restoration projects, such as WuHan Gemdale, West River Moon in Xi'an, and Jade City in Xinjiang Province.
o Bryan Howl of West River, Maryland--Plans to work as an atmospheric science researcher after receiving a degree from Purdue University.
Manhattan Skyline has an impressive range of apartments, not only in luxury doorman high rises such as the West River House, 205 E.
5 mile) radius of the accident in West River Station, a rural area about 150 kilometers (93 miles) northeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia," MacRae added.
Police, fire services, emergency responders, and environmental officials were on site at the accident in West River Station, roughly 150 kilometers northeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
At West River High School, Nearly Boswell is used to being "Nearly Invisible" to her classmates and she prefers it that way.
In 2003, initial flow and peak discharge occurred on 19 June and 27 June in East River, and on 25 June and 30 June in West River, with baseflow conditions being met in both rivers by the second week in July (Fig.
Built in 1870, Scott Bridge stretches 277 feet across the West River in Townshead.
Driving Directions: Take the Englewood exit off 1-75 and turn left onto West River Road.

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