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"This acquisition would be a fantastic addition to our holdings and would come at an exciting time for us while we build the London Collection as we plan the New Museum in West Smithfield."
Gangster Freddie Foreman, his ex-East-Enders actor son Jamie and South London villain Dave Courtney were among the mourners at St Bartholomew the Great Church at West Smithfield, East London.
West Smithfield Rotunda has become home to the winning hand-carved Portland Stone urban bench, by Sam Dawkins and Donna Walker.
A national roll-out is underway with outlets being prepared for opening in the capital's Islington Green and West Smithfield as well as others in Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield and Nottingham.
Susan Brigden has identified Doctour Doubble Ale as Henry (Harry) George, the conservative curate of the London parish church of St Sepulchre, which was situated between St Paul's Cathedral and Smithfield, in Newgate Street.(2) Before becoming curate of St Sepulchre's, Henry George was a member of the community of Black Canons of the Order of St Austin at St Bartholomew's Hospital, Duck Lane, West Smithfield.(3)
Call 07071 781861 or write to Ovacome at St Bartholomew's Hospital, West Smithfield, London EC1A 7BE.
An initially unlikely-looking group of vessel fragments recovered from a pit in 1989 at west Smithfield, London, and dating from AD 70-80, turned out to be the key pieces in the research jigsaw.
Gangster Freddie "Brown Bread Fred" Foreman and ex-EastEnders actor son Jamie were among the mourners at the service at St Bartholomew the Great Church at West Smithfield, East London.
3 above), 668, Ruth Mohl, of Brooklyn College, Central University of New York, says of East Smithfield that `if Spenser was born in the neighbourhood, a more likely place would be West Smithfield', in fact a relatively patrician district dominated by the Duke of Norfolk's Charterhouse, and not adjacent to East Smithfield but nearly two miles away.

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