Western Canada Wilderness Committee

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Western Canada Wilderness Committee (WCWC)

Address:227 Abbott St
Vancouver, BC V6B2K7

Web: www.wildernesscommittee.org
Established: 1980. Description:Works for the preservation of Canadian and international wilderness through research and grassroots education. Members: 40,000. Dues: $35/year.
Publications: Regular educational and campaign reports.

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(146) See Western Canada Wilderness Committee, News Release, "Wilderness Committee's Newest Radio Ad" (9 December 2004), online: Western Canada Wilderness Committee <http://media.
Still, Western Canada Wilderness Committee researchers won more freedom for their activities than they had previously enjoyed.
Environmentalists want to slow the rate at which Canada's old growth forests are disappearing, and so the Coalition for Forests and other groups such as Greenpeace, Western Canada Wilderness Committee (WCWC) and The Friends of Clayoquot Sound (FOCS) have begun putting pressure on MacMillan Bloedel's customers to persuade them to cancel contracts with the company and find sources of paper made from second-growth trees, post-consumer recycled paper and alternative fiber sources such as hemp and kenaf.
Greenpeace and Western Canada Wilderness Committee canvassers are well placed to lead such a challenge.
The Western Canada Wilderness Committee (WCWC) is helping promote a referendum in British Columbia to enact legislation to ban trophy/sport hunting of bears.
"The drying up of the boreal from oil sands development and processing, combined with global warming and increased fire patterns, will transform the boreal forest into a huge carbon bomb," says Gray Jones, executive director of the Western Canada Wilderness Committee's Alberta branch.

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