Western Dvina

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Western Dvina:

see DvinaDvina
or Western Dvina,
Ger. Düna, Latvian Daugava, Rus. Zapadnaya Dvina, river, c.635 mi (1,020 km) long, in Russia, Belarus, and Latvia.
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 (Western Dvina).
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North of the River Western Dvina lay the territories of Turaida, Idumea and Metsepole" (Richter 1857 : I, 48).
It is believed to have been founded by Norwegian Vikings in order to control the route to Byzantium via Western Dvina and Dnieper rivers.
Tenders are invited for Open contracting trades to perform work in the construction of the project "Construction of the Vitebsk hydroelectric power station on the Western Dvina river.
Request for quotations: information support of the working group on the western dvina river basin joint russian-belarusian commission on protection and rational use of transboundary water bodies

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