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Western Ghats,

mts., India: see GhatsGhats
[Hindi,=steps], two mountain ranges of S India, paralleling the coasts of the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal and forming two sides of the Deccan plateau. Anai Mudi (8,841 ft/2,695 m) is the highest peak in the two ranges, which are joined by the Nilgiri Hills in the
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Western Ghats


a mountain range in India, the western elevated region of the Indian Peninsula. The range is approximately 1,800 km long, reaching an altitude of 2,698 m (Mount Anai Mudi). The western slope is a sharp precipice of the Deccan Plateau, which falls by stages to the Arabian Sea; the eastern slope has gently sloping plains that fall toward the interior regions of the Indian Peninsula. The Western Ghats are divided by transversal structural valleys, which serve as communication routes between the Malabar Coast and the Deccan Plateau. The southern part is made primarily of gneiss and charnockite, which form individual massifs with a sharp, irregular relief (Nilgiri Hills, Anai Malai Mountains, Palni Mountains, Cardamon Hills); the northern part is primarily basalt, which forms flat-topped, stepped hills. The climate is subequatorial and monsoonal. The annual total precipitation on the windward slopes is 2,000-5,000 mm; on the leeward slopes it is 600-700 mm. On the lower western slopes and to the north there are mixed deciduous and ever-green forests; to the south there are evergreen tropical rain forests (which have been reduced to a significant degree); on the eastern slopes there are dry savannas with candelabra-shaped spurge, acacia, and palmyra palm.


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It is no one's contention that the entire Western Ghats should be made unapproachable to human settlements.
Shivamogga (Karnataka) [India], July 2 (ANI): The inflow of river Tunga rose following the copious rains in the Western Ghats region on Monday.
After testing, the lizards near windmills were found to have lower levels of a stress hormone, something that must have emerged in the two decades since wind farms were built in the Western Ghats.
Talking to India Today, ecologist and academic Madhav Gadgil suggested that the disaster was "man-made." As chairman of the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel, the Gadgil Committee, Gadgil made a number of recommendations that were largely ignored by Kerala State authorities and protested by locals who believed they would lose their land and jobs if environmental policies were implemented.
In 2011, the Centre and the Western Ghats states, including Kerala, refused to accept the Gadgil committee report.
The fact the action is confined to one part of India - the Western Ghats - as Choe and Nadine set off in search of the tusk of Ganesh.
Scientists from the University of Delhi found them while exploring mountains called the Western Ghats. The frogs are nocturnal-active t at night--and hide under leaves most of the time.
Explore languid, verdant Kerala, temple-dotted Tamil Nadu, the historic hill stations of the rolling Western Ghats and the dusty Mysore Plateau.
Western Ghats is a mountain range that runs parallel to the western coast of the peninsular India starting from Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and ending at Kanyakumari in Tamilnadu which covers about 1,60,000 square kilometers.
In India, the Western Ghats with its rich flora and fauna was earlier listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.
Western Ghats Harley-Davidson, Coimbatore, is the second Harley-Davidson dealership in Tamil Nadu.
My wife Jenny and I have recently returned from a two-week small group tour of the tropical South India state of Kerala, the famous land of spices and coconut trees, and its neighbour Tamil Nadu - linked together by the forested Western Ghats range of mountains.

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