Western Ukraine

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Western Ukraine


historical name for the lands of the Ukrainian SSR which comprise the territories of the present-day L’vov, Ivano-Frankovsk, Ternopol’, Volyn’, and Rovno oblasts. Western Ukraine was ceded to bourgeois Poland in accordance with the Riga Peace Treaty of 1921.

After fascist Germany’s attack on Poland in September 1939 the Soviet Army took the population of the Western Ukraine under its protection. On Oct. 26-28, 1939, the Popular Assembly of Western Ukraine adopted a declaration on the restoration of Soviet power in Western Ukraine, the area’s inclusion within the USSR, and its reunification with Ukrainian SSR. On Nov. 1, 1939, the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and on Nov. 14, 1939, the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR adopted laws providing for the inclusion of Western Ukraine within the USSR and reunification with the Ukrainian SSR.

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The Swiss newspaper Le Temps reported about scores of US and Canadian instructors training Ukrainian servicemen at the former Soviet firing range Yavorov in Western Ukraine, Sputnik reported.
The latest project under the Ukraine Sustainable Energy Lending Facility (USELF) will support the development, construction and operation of three solar plants in the Vinnitsa region of western Ukraine.
The polyglot Igor Klekh is an extraordinarily erudite and accomplished Russian writer, journalist, and translator, whose formative years were spent in Western Ukraine, mostly in Ivano-Frankivsk and in the multi-cultural city of Lviv where he had access to the literature of East-Central Europe.
In June 1941 (during the first week of the Nazi invasion in the Soviet Union) the quiet cornfields and towns of Western Ukraine were awakened by the clanking of steel and thunder of explosions as the greatest tank battle of the Second World War took place.
com/russian-hackers-shut-ukraine-power-grid-415751) western Ukraine were affected when cyber attacks on power grids triggered outages.
Lispector was born in 1920 to a Jewish family in western Ukraine.
He now works with members of the former Jewish community of Chernivtsi (Czernowitz) in Western Ukraine to organize volunteers who help clean and maintain the city's Jewish cemetery.
1943 Nazis liquidate Janowska concentration camp in Lemberg, western Ukraine, murdering at least 6000 Jews after a failed uprising and mass escape bid.
In July, a power unit at the Khmelnitsky plant in western Ukraine was disconnected from the grid due to a leak in its steam generator.
She, her husband, Andriy, and two children came to Paris from Western Ukraine six years ago.
But watching the response in Lviv, in western Ukraine -- a hub of enthusiasm about the European Union -- was particularly jarring.
Between 1891 and 1914 thousands of Ukrainian peasants left their ancestral homeland in Western Ukraine to seek land on the agricultural frontiers of Western Canada and southern Brazil.

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