Westminster Confession

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Westminster Confession:

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[Lat. credo=I believe], summary of basic doctrines of faith. The following are historically important Christian creeds.

1 The Nicene Creed, beginning, "I believe in one God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and
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14) Thus, in 1907 the articles were adopted by the newly formed national Presbyterian Church of Korea, and since then they have become the Korean Presbyterian churches' most influential confession, along with the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Shorter Catechism.
The author writes: "The Queen clearly has decided to continue disregarding her Coronation Oath, the Bill of Rights, Acts of Settlement, 39 Articles, Westminster Confession, something she has increasingly done throughout her reign.
Dickinson opposed the synod of Philadelphia's decision to require ministers to subscribe to the Westminster Confession but also defended the synod's handling of Samuel Hemphill, who refused to comply.
In precisely these terms did the Scottish Parliament ratify the Westminster Confession of Faith in 1690.
In an age when Christian doctrine was becoming subject to precise definition in the decrees of the Council of Trent, in the Thirty-Nine Articles or in the Westminster Confession, the development of alternative lay theologies, especially in areas where official doctrine was far from explicit, began to be curtailed.
Presbyterians in general and the Church of Scotland in particular were committed by the Westminster Confession to the belief that the Pope was Antichrist - a proposition which originally had as much to do with the understanding of Church government as prophecy, but by the nineteenth century was predominantly interpreted in the latter context.
Gaskin, in trying to sort out Hume's religious views, needs to ask how two different sets of Hume's friends could propose him as a candidate for university posts when subscription to the Westminster Confession, the leading of prayers in classes, church attendance and some presumption of orthodoxy were formally or informally recognized qualifications.
Presbyterian churches adopted as their doctrinal standard the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms.
In investigating the similarities and differences among the 1689 London Confession, Savoy Declaration, and Westminster Confession, there are a few points that many scholars have in common.
Stephen Kendall, principal clerk of the General Assembly, challenged the Presbyterians to quote something from the Heidelberg Catechism, a doctrinal standard for the CRC; and challenged Christian Reformed folks to quote something from the Westminster Confession.

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