river, China: see HuangpuHuangpu,
or Hwangpoo
, river, 60 mi (97 km) long, rising in the lake district of Shanghai Municipality, E China, and flowing NE past Shanghai into the Chang estuary at Wusong. It is a major navigational route.
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The French, Germans, Italians, Japanese and Americans had neighbouring sites along the Whangpoo river opposite Pudong, with extensive grounds for company headquarters, the cricket club, country clubs, tennis clubs, swimming pools, the race course, the golf club, movie theatres, churches, schools, hotels, hospitals, cabarets, brothels, bars, consulates and police stations of the colonial powers.
According to one account he blackmailed an American judge who he discovered was homosexual; the judge's body was later found in the River Whangpoo.
The two remaining non-Japanese men-of-war on the Whangpoo, the USS Wake and HMS Peterel, were targeted by the Japanese at 4 am -- an hour or so after the attack on Pearl Harbor.