Wheat Harvest

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Wheat Harvest (Transylvania)

Late summer
In Transylvania, a region of Romania that was at one time part of Hungary, the gathering of the wheat harvest in late summer reflects traditional customs that have been largely supplanted by modern agricultural methods elsewhere. Here the owner of a farm must still rely on friends and neighbors to gather the crops. When the last sheaf is harvested, a wreath made of wheat and wild flowers is taken to the farmer's house by young girls in traditional dress. The other farm laborers lie in wait for the procession and carry out a mock ambush by drenching everyone in water. When the landowner first appears in the harvest field, the harvesters tie him up and demand a ransom for his release.
When the procession arrives at the landowner's house, poems in his honor are recited. The wreath is hung in a special place where it will remain until the next harvest. There is a feast for everyone, followed by dancing to the music of a gypsy band. A special delicacy associated with the harvest feast is gingerbread cookies. In fact, elaborately shaped and decorated gingerbread cookies are considered a part of the region's folk art tradition.
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The farmers at the meeting complained to the government that the Sindh Food Department had failed to maintain supply of gunny sacks in the Sukkur region which was affecting the wheat harvest.
We reiterate that the monthly inflation rate will be affected by two seasonal drivers in the next two months; the Holy month of Ramadan, which traditionally witnesses an inflation rate acceleration, and the wheat harvest season, which tends to diffuse sharp food price movements," Pharos said.
NFU combinable crops board chairman Mike Hambly said: "This year's wheat harvest shows how dependent crop yield is on the weather and, as extreme weather events become more frequent, how we as farmers can cope with this.
4 million tonnes or about half of its domestic wheat harvest this year but Hanafi on Monday lowered the target for state purchases to 3.
41% of the wheat harvest has good baking characteristics for producing bread.
Iran's wheat harvest is almost finished and may total about 14.
Badshah alleged Taliban had threatened farmers against denying them usher from their wheat harvest.
Russia's agriculture ministry expects the 2013 wheat harvest to be not less than 50 million tonnes, of which 20 million could be exported.
The lengthy cold weather is also to hit the wheat harvest this autumn, NFU President Peter Kendall said on BBC Radio 4's Today program on Saturday.
Rising gas prices and last year's poor UK wheat harvest are also to blame, bosses added.
aACA[yen] The countryaACAOs 2012 wheat harvest rose 11 percent to 1.
Farmers across the region say this year's wet summer, which led to a poor wheat harvest, is to blame.