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whippet, breed of small, slender hound developed in England in the mid-18th cent. It stands between 18 and 22 in. (45.7–55.8 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs about 20 lb (9 kg). Its close-lying, smooth coat may be any color but is usually white, tan, or gray. Developed from crosses of greyhound, terrier, and, later, Italian greyhound, the whippet was used for coursing hares in an enclosed area, a sport that became popular when bullbaiting and bearbaiting were outlawed. Today it is raised primarily as a race dog and pet. See dog.
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a breed of hunting dog, closely related to the borzoi. The origin of the whippet is unknown. In the 18th and 19th centuries the breed was used for hare coursing. Later it came to be used in sports competitions, in which the dogs are raced in pursuit of hares. The whippet is also a popular house pet.

Bred in Europe and North America, the whippet is a small dog, standing 47–48 cm high at the shoulder. The body is light and slender, and the musculature is compact and well developed. The coat is short and smooth and lacks an undercoat. The coloration is black, white, or various shades of rust and can be tiger-like or spotted. The whippet, which has a lively and energetic temperament, surpasses other borzois in speed.

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a small slender breed of dog similar to a greyhound in appearance
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