Whistler's mother

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Whistler’s mother

popular name for the painter’s “Arrangement in Grey and Black, No. 1: The Artist’s Mother.” [Am. Art: EB, 19:814–815]
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Like, yes, yes, Whistler's Mother and all, but if there are 18 people crowded around, I will skip it, which is what happened.
They appeared in Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, in Edvard Munch's Scream and Whistler's Mother, and as Dogs (and Chuckle Brothers) Playing Poker and The Chuckling Cavalier.
My students looked at Arrangement in Gray and Black (1871) by James McNeill Whistler, a painting known to many as Whistler's Mother.
However, Sutherland said his next book is going to be a biography of Whistler's mother.
JUST PUT YOUR LIPS TOGETHER + BLOW are scrawled upon a mechanical reproduction of the 1871 painting Whistler's Mother.
1, commonly and mistakenly called Whistler's Mother.
Whistler's mother also visited, both in person and in the form of his most famous painting.
BETTER known as Whistler's Mother, this 1871 work was created while Anna Whistler, the painter's mum, was living with him in London.
So did James McNeil Whistler whose Arrangement in Grey and Black No 1 is known to us all as Whistler's Mother, Anna McNeil Whistler, painted in London in 1871.
Among the Gainsboroughs, Moores, Hogarths and Hockneys will be three works from the Newcastle gallery's own collection plus one from Shipley in Gateshead, taking their place in one of five display sections: Inheritance; Childhood; Couples & Kinship; Parenting, and Home which together will cover every aspect of a subject that, from Goya's royals to Whistler's mother, has inspired generations of artists.
Bean, a hopeless guard at London's Royal National Gallery is sent by his employers, who wish to get rid of him, to the US to oversee the transfer of Whistler's Mother to a Los Angeles art gallery.
The Blind Pig is a smart new bar diner that has just opened on the old Whistler's Mother site on Byres Road.