White Man's Burden

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White Man’s Burden

imperialist’s duty to educate the uncivilized. [Br. Hist.: Brewer’s Dictionary, 1152]
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There is no need to put the White Man's Burden on them.
The white man's burden has become the Muslim world's mess.
Section III outlines problems with foreign aid identified in The White Man's Burden and scrutinizes Easterly's solutions for ending poverty.
As he points out in The White Man's Burden, the foreign aid community's "utopian agendas" are as intellectually arrogant as they are operationally doomed.
An Islamic version of the White Man's Burden evolved in the 20th century: a "Muslim's burden" that sought both to defend the "House of Islam" from what was perceived as militant secularism and militant Jewish nationalism.
However, there is no discussion of white supremacy as it relates to America's war efforts in the history of Manifest Destiny, White Man's Burden, or colonization.
Once again we hear establishment calls for the "defense of Pax Americana" and even renewals of the old cry to take up "the White Man's burden.
The real-life Harlan displayed scant interest in taking up the white man's burden.
Almost every imperial outpost however arid, contained at least one Stanford student taking up the white man's burden of instructing lesser musical breeds (From 1933 to 1956 the New South Wales Conservatorium's directorship stayed uniniterruptedly in these students' hands.
Tony Blair and the latest bald Tory don't care about the white man's burden in Burnley or Bradford.
America's empire is not like empires of times past, built on colonies, conquest, and the white man's burden.