White Mountain

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White Mountain


White Hill,

Czech Bílá Hora, hill near Prague, Czech Republic. There, in Nov., 1620, the Czech Protestants under Christian of AnhaltChristian of Anhalt,
1568–1630, prince of Anhalt (1603–30). He was a firm Calvinist and a skilled diplomat. As adviser to Frederick IV, elector palatine, he sought to build a strong Protestant alliance against the Catholic states and achieved limited success with the
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 were routed by the combined armies of the empire and of the Catholic League, under Tilly. The battle ended the independence of Bohemia for 300 years and was the first engagement of the Thirty Years WarThirty Years War,
1618–48, general European war fought mainly in Germany. General Character of the War

There were many territorial, dynastic, and religious issues that figured in the outbreak and conduct of the war.
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Yes, Vancouver's about as far as any vessel need want to go; and then I have caught seals off the coast of Labrador, and walked my way through the raspberry plains at the back of the White Mountains.
Vancouver," "Labrador," "The White Mountains," the very names, thus casually mentioned on a Surrey heath, seemed full of the sounding sea.
A third, being encamped on a hunting expedition full forty miles south of the White Mountains, awoke at midnight, and beheld the Great Carbuncle gleaming like a meteor, so that the shadows of the trees fell backward from it.
And never, on the diadem of the White Mountains, did the Great Carbuncle hold a place half so honored as is reserved for it in the hall of the De Veres
And those sublimer towers, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, whence, in peculiar moods, comes that gigantic ghostliness over the soul at the bare mention of that name, while the thought of Virginia's Blue Ridge is full of a soft, dewy, distant dreaminess?
It is indeed a remarkable fact to see so many of the same plants living on the snowy regions of the Alps or Pyrenees, and in the extreme northern parts of Europe; but it is far more remarkable, that the plants on the White Mountains, in the United States of America, are all the same with those of Labrador, and nearly all the same, as we hear from Asa Gray, with those on the loftiest mountains of Europe.
I have hunted silvertips in the White Mountains of Arizona and thought them quite the largest and most formidable of big game; but from the appearance of the head of this awful creature I judged that the largest grizzly I had ever seen would shrink by comparison to the dimensions of a Newfoundland dog.
Dispatches From the Fort Apache Scout: White Mountain and Cibecue Apache History Through 1881
White Mountain chairman and CEO Ray Berrette believes that Tranzact is well-positioned to help insurers find consumers more easily.
com)-- White Mountain Technologies signed an agreement with Changi Consulting to implement Salesforce CRM.
Al-Bayan Bilingual School, a prestigious educational institution in Kuwait, recently signed with leading IT firm White Mountain Technologies to purchase its Skoolee school information management software.
White Mountain Titanium Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: WMTM), a company holding mining concessions on the Cerro Blanco property, has signed its first off-take agreement with a major international pigment producer.