White Pass

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White Pass,

2,888 ft (880 m) high, in the Coast Mts., on the Alaska–British Columbia border, NE of Skagway. A hazardous trail through the pass was made (1897) by prospectors going to the Klondike, as an alternate route to the Chilkoot Pass. Between 1898 and 1900 the White Pass and Yukon Railway was built from Skagway to Whitehorse, Yukon, to provide transportation from the Pacific tidewater to the Yukon valley. The railway suspended service in 1982.
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FIGURE 1 THE EFFECT OF LOWERING A TEST CUTOFF ON RELATIVE DIFFERENCES IN PASS AND FAILURE RATES White Pass Minority Ratio White Pass/ White Fail Cutoff Rate Pass Rate Minority Pass Rate High 80% 63% 1.
Would Garvey's book about Strunk and White pass muster with Strunk and White?
35pm: The comedian concludes his trip through the North-West Passage, heading south through the White Pass toward Vancouver Island.
The Big Yin, right, nears the end of his 10,000-mile journey by heading south to Vancouver Island through the isolated White Pass Mountains.
Stabilize slopes, west side of White Pass, Lewis County; apparent low bidder was Midwest Rockfall of Henderson, Colo.
Many conference participants also took the opportunity to travel on the scenic White Pass & Yukon Route railway from Fraser, BC to Skagway, Alaska.
The Alaska/Yukon Group Tour offers the highlights of these two destinations with a combination of luxurious McKinley Explorer rail service between Anchorage-Denali National Park-Fairbanks, exclusive Explorer Coaches and the scenic White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad between Whitehorse and Skagway.
Downhill skiing at White Pass is less than 40 minutes away, and the Yakima River is home to healthy salmon runs.
Completion of the White Pass and Yukon Route railroad in 1900 guaranteed access from Skagway into the Yukon Territory's mineral wealth, which kept the train supplying ships long after the stream of prospectors fizzled.
Eleven minutes later the visitors'promotion dreams were left hanging by a thread when Michael Mullen latched on to an Alex White pass and carried on into the box before smacking an effort across Peat into the far side of the net.
Today, you can wander the streets of Skagway and stop in at the museum or the visitor center, take a train over the White Pass, or hike the Chilkoot yourself, just like more than 2,000 people did last year.
The White Pass & Yukon Route narrow-gauge railroad was hacked out of precipitous mountain slopes in the late 1890s, and the train today hauls tourists on a 41-mile round trip to White Pass summit, just placing an iron toe across Alaska's border with British Columbia.