White Russia

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White Russia:

see BelarusBelarus
or Byelarus
, officially Republic of Belarus, republic (2015 est. pop. 9,486,000), c.80,150 sq mi (207,600 sq km), E central Europe. It is sometimes called White Russia, and was known as Belorussia under Soviet rule.
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Now it's White Russia, but he can't think about White Russia, can't think about Latvia or Estonia (cities?
While the majority of Jews in Vienna, Berlin, Zurich, Frankfurt, or Amsterdam had adapted much earlier to the way of life in their Christian environment, my ancestors in early twentieth-century southern White Russia did not live much differently than the people of Mattersburg; for the Austrian Burgenland is located on the western boundary of the destroyed Eastern Jewish lebensraum (5) from whose eastern border regions my ancestors came.
The Soviets were especially generous, at least at first, to British groups, no doubt because of the leading role Britain played in supporting White Russia. By the end of 1921, the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) had received about 55,000 [pounds sterling].
The Red Army band, who are based deep in the heart of what is known as White Russia, include some of the most highly-regarded musicians from the country.
Curt von Gottberg, a notorious commander in White Russia who supervised the unbridled massacre of both partisans and Jews, and was an early and avid Nazi, lobbied on behalf of his "half-Jewish" nephews.
"However if we win our next two qualifying games against Poland and White Russia (Belarus) we will be right back in the group.
According to Messe Frankfurt, this scheduling will assure a large number of trade visitors, expected to come primarily from Russian, the Ukraine, White Russia and the Baltic states.
Instead it chose to give DM 12 million to specific projects in those countries from which Volkswagen slave laborers predominantly came: White Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Israel.
The authors describe all the contentious issues: a veto for the Big Five on everything except a Security Council decision to discuss a matter, seats for the Ukraine and White Russia even though they were then no more independent of Moscow than New York and California were of Washington, a seat for Argentina despite its embrace of Hitler, the charter's inclusion of the right of countries or organizations like the Pan-American Union to defend themselves.
These terms come out of a society and a context of our grandparents or great-grandparents in Ukraine and White Russia, where my family comes front, where of course they saw all gentiles around them as fundamentally "Other," and all of them believed "scratch a gentile, find an Antisemite." That may once have been true in Ukraine or White Russia or Galicia or Lithuania, but it certainly is not true here and now.
That part of western Russia which escaped Mongol influence became known as Byelorussia, which translates as "white Russia."