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see corncorn,
in botany. The name corn is given to the leading cereal crop of any major region. In England corn means wheat; in Scotland and Ireland, oats. The grain called corn in the United States is Indian corn or maize (Zea mays mays).
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Corn/maize shoots can be eaten when they resemble large blades of grass that taste like sweet corn. Young maize shoots look like yellow grass and accumulate a powerful antibiotic substance called DIMBOA, a natural defense against pathogenic bacteria and fungus. Corn does not contain the gluten that causes celiac disease. The whole baby corn in husk may also be eaten, silk and all. Corn/maize kernels are very high in starch, which turns into sugar in the body. The really healthy part of the plant is the cornsilk (see Cornsilk)


Zea mays. Indian corn, a tall cereal grass characterized by large ears.


a. a tall annual grass, Zea mays, cultivated for its yellow edible grains, which develop on a spike
b. the grain of this plant, used for food, fodder, and as a source of oil
2. a yellow colour
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The project started in July 2011 with the aim to develop white corn open-pollinated varieties (OPV), which are high yielding and to develop improved nutritional and eating qualities.
By July 2011 the FAO reported rising prices of white corn had become a threat to food security in Mexico and Central America.
Agricultural engineer Dima al-Haj Turki said that she is currently working on making crops that provide sugar more adaptable to local climate, mainly through the use of sweet white corn, in addition to the possibility of making biofuel from this crop.
Another street favourite is mote con chicharrEn , which is sold by women walking around with cooking pots packed with the main ingredients -- mote ( corn grits), white corn and chicharrEn ( salty pork rind with some meat still on it).
Another of our party had the Seared Salmon Special ($10), which arrived on a bed of orzo pasta and asparagus and was graced with a rich roasted white corn sauce.
A starter of white corn soup with a sprinkling of chopped scallops ($13) was sweeter than might be expected, owing no doubt to the ripeness of the corn.
Shabeezah is a made up of different kinds of grains like white corn, red corn, wheat, barley and sometimes even lentils.
White corn prices are determined by the supply and demand conditions for white corn, mostly within Mexico.
I believe our work will significantly improve white corn yields in sub-Saharan Africa and will demonstrate the effectiveness of PPI's YPT.
Cinnamon Apples, apples in a cinnamon sauce, and Corn Medley, yellow and white corn in a butter sauce, are joining Country Crock's other seasonal lines--Combread Stuffing, Homestyle Stuffing and Mashed Sweet Potatoes.
DR also custom distills Ocean Vodka, from certified organic rye and white corn.
We're breeding specialty varieties, too--blue corn, white corn, high-methionine corn for organic poultry producers, and corn with slowly digestible starch for native and ethnic foods--that will provide new market possibilities.