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members of small illegal, largely Roman Catholic, peasant bands in 18th-century Ireland. First organized (c.1759) in protest against the large-scale enclosure of common lands and other causes of agrarian distress, they were so called because on their nocturnal raids they often wore white disguises. They were heavily suppressed (1765), but outbreaks of similar activity recurred during periods of extreme agricultural hardship. Hostility (1775–85) was largely aimed at tithe collectors. There were similar, although shortlived, Protestant groups in Ulster, the Oakboys (1763) and the Steelboys (1770). Terrorist activity hastened the establishment of the Irish Parliament (1782), in which Henry GrattanGrattan, Henry
, 1746–1820, Irish statesman. A lawyer, he entered (1775) the Irish Parliament and soon became known as a brilliant orator. Aided by Britain's preoccupation with the American Revolution and its fear of the revolutionary potential of the Irish volunteer army
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 attempted to reform the system of tithes. Although the Whiteboys were suppressed, they set a pattern for agrarian unrest that continued under various names and later became politicized.
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"Whiteboys": Contact zone, pedagogy, internalized racism, and composition at the university's gateway.
Beginning in the mid-eighteenth century we are given the socio-political context of Whiteboys, Rightboys and Oakboys.
To compound matters the local Whiteboys joined in the fray and deaths were the result on both sides.
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He tells Misner, "I'm thinking Coffee was right because he saw something in Tea that wasn't just going along with some drunken whiteboys. He saw something that shamed him.
(19) The Protestant Peep-o'-day boys came from Northern Ireland, while the Whiteboys were peasant agitators active throughout the country.
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