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White pages

A directory service for locating individuals by name (by analogy with the telephone directory). The Internet supports several databases that contain basic information about users, such as electronic mail addresses, telephone numbers and postal addresses. These databases can be searched to get information about particular individuals. See Knowbot, Netfind, whois, X.500, finger.
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(1) (Directory Information Base) Also called "white pages," a database of names in an X.500 system.

(2) (Device Independent Bitmap) An internal data structure in Windows for creating graphics that are not tied to a particular output device. DIBs contain more information than a BMP file so that they can be displayed or printed on any device. When stored on disk, however, they become BMP files. See BMP file.

(3) (Dual Independent Bus) An enhanced bus architecture from Intel first implemented on the Pentium Pro chip. It provided two buses; one for connecting the CPU to system memory and another for the cache. The DIB enabled Pentium II CPU bus speeds to jump from 66 MHz to 100 MHz.

Web white pages

websites that provide searchable databases of individual email addresses and other "people-finding" tools. They typically include residential telephone numbers and street addresses. However, unlike phone company white pages, there is no single source for this information, some of them charge a small fee, and you may have to try several sources. There is no guarantee that a person's email address is available in any of these directories. Following are some of the popular white pages sites. See Web yellow pages and Web search engines.






    www.555-1212.com (fee-based)

    www.ussearch.com (fee-based)
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To protect consumers from unwanted callers, the free Whitepages Caller ID app will immediately identify unknown callers by name and will let them know if a call is coming from a robocaller or someone more harmful like an identity thief or fraudster.
Bret Moore, the company general manager of WhitePages Mobile, a company subsidiary, said 'Localicious not only helps people make immediate plans by discovering and connecting with hot trends and undiscovered gems in their own neighbourhood, it also helps them instantly explore other neighbourhoods on the fly.
W3 Data, Inc., a provider of online directory assistance services and operators of the WhitePages.com Network, has unveiled that their white pages directory search application and contact database has been incorporated into Microsoft Office System's Office 2003 and Office XP, utilizing Smart Tags developed by Nereosoft, Inc.
The best of these include Switchboard.com, at http://www.switchboard.com; Yahoo People Search, at http://people.yahoo.com; and Whitepages.com, at http://www.whitepages.com.
Mutual Reinforcement Authorities for WWW Query "movies" Size of root set = 175, Size of collection = 4539 URL Title Cat Weight http://go.msn.com/npl/ MSN.COM (3) 0.1673 msnt.asp http://go.msn.com/bql/ White Pages--msn.com (3) 0.1672 whitepages.asp http://go.msn.com/bsl/ Web Events (3) 0.1672 webevents.asp http://go.msn.com/bql/ MSN Sports scores (3) 0.1672 scoreboards.asp The top 30 authorities returned by the Mutual Reinforcement approach were all go.msn.com sites.
Then followed WhitePages, YellowPages - both of which figure on the Telstra.com site - LookSmart, BigPond (yet another Telstra site), CommBank, ABC.net (no relation to ABC-TV of the US, but an online division of the government-owned Australian Broadcasting Corporation) and the ANZ Bank's ANZ.com Internet banking site.
These acts of "thought and creativity" distinguished the Key directory from the typical whitepages, whose compiler "`slavishly'" includes every available listing.
Section C has a set of Internet tools, including Gopher, Listserv addresses, Whitepages, and other services that can be discussed in later Journal issues.
SELECT*FROM whitepages WHERE (lastname = 'herman') AND (firstname = 'gary'),
Hiya, a company that started as a division of Whitepages before splitting off, offers spam blocking for both voice calls and texts.
Mergent's strategic partnerships include Dun & Bradstreet[R], FirstRain[R], Indeed[R], Whitepages Pro[TM], and Nielsen[R].