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(From the colour it produces on white paper) Any contiguous sequence of spaces, tabs, carriage returns, and/or line feeds. Whitespace might also possibly include form feed characters. The term is common on Unix.

See also non-printing character.
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white space

(1) Unused spectrum between earlier analog TV channels. See TV white spaces.

(2) Any area on a document page that does not contain text or graphics. Also called "negative space," the term was derived from printing on white paper and any part not printed remained white. To an experienced graphic designer, white space is as important as the printed areas.

(3) Non-printing characters. Applications treat white space differently. For example, each depression of the space bar generates one ASCII 32 space character, and most programs display each one as one blank space. However, Web pages (HTML pages) display multiple ASCII 32 characters as a single blank space. See non-breaking space.

(4) A void in service; for example, white spaces in the cellular industry are geographic areas without coverage.

(5) Unused space in a disk storage system. White space may refer to allocated, but unused, blocks of storage. See thin provisioning.
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Furthermore, Jeff DeGraff points out, the structures of bureaucracy themselves create the whitespaces where innovation happens.
"Philyra does more than serve up inspiration - it can design entirely new fragrance formulas by exploring the entire landscape of fragrance combinations to discover the whitespaces in the global fragrance market," Goodwin added.
Mark Afolabi, a Technology Entrepreneur (Techpreneur), who doubles as the CEO of Whitespaces; a technology and Eco-diversified company, bares his mind to Niyi Oyedeji, as he talks about the future of Technology in Nigeria.
Void sum(int n) { For(int i=1;i<=n;i++){ {sum = sum+ i; p=p*i;}} Type-1: Identical code fragments except some changes in comments, whitespaces and layout.
Zoological Society of London has teamed up with Google to use the gaps between digital TV frequencies, called television whitespaces or TVWS, to wirelessly transmit live video on the web, with Google's Spectrum Database making sure there's no interference with existing channels.
have combined with the Licensed / Authorized Shared Access (LSA/ ASA) initiatives in Europe and the DTV whitespaces rulemaking issues currently under consideration in many parts of the world to clearly show an intense level of worldwide interest and activity.
Specific topics to be discussed include “Using TV Receiver Information to Increase Cognitive White Space Spectrum,” “Enable Flexible Spectrum Access with Spectrum Virtualization,” “Femto Cell Architectures for Robust Communication Using Whitespaces,” “Dynamic Spectrum Access in Heterogeneous LTE+ Networks,” “Opportunistic Spectrum Access in TVWS” and “Mechanisms for LTE Coexistence in TV White Space.”
SQL Complete automatically formats SQL statements, paying attention to case, line breaks, whitespaces, indenting, wrapping, etc.