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Benin: see OuidahOuidah
or Whydah
, town (1992 pop. 32,474), S Benin, a port on the Gulf of Guinea. It was the capital of a small state founded about the 16th cent. From the early 17th cent.
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Nearly 300 years ago, the Whydah slaver was captured by pirate Sam Bellamy who then used the ship, and many of its former slaves as crew, to rob 50 other vessels before it sank off the coast of Cape Cod.
The Whydah was captained by Black Sam Bellamy, an English pirate who took the ship from Dutch buccaneer Captain Lawrence Prince.
Instead of packing up for the year, Clifford is planning another trip to the Whydah, the only authenticated pirate ship wreck in U.
The Whydah, which sank off the coast of Cape Cod in 1717 with bounty from over 50 captured ships, was the first fully authenticated pirate ship to be discovered in US waters.
Kinkor, a historian and piratologist at the Expedition Whydah Sea-Lab and Learning Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts, compiled the available data on the racial composition of pirate crews.
Elia, The Ethics of Collaboration: Archaeologists and the Whydah Project, 26 HIST.
Extensive educator resources augment the Whydah Museum's website, including a lesson plan, games and activities, educator guide, and video clip of divers exploring the sunken ship.
THE CLASSICAL AGE of piracy comes to life in "The Untold Story of the Whydah from Slave Ship to Pirate Ship," an interactive exhibition that has more than 200 artifacts on display, including everyday objects, personal items, and treasures from the first fully authenticated pirate ship ever to be discovered in U.
In 1705, the RAC factor at Whydah on the Slave Coast compiled "A List of Negro Provisions Supposed to be Best to be sent [from England] for 100 negroes.
Wrecked off Cape Cod in 1717, the former English slaver Whydah is the only definitively identified pirate ship found to date (confirmed by recovering the ship's named and dated bell).
between Cape de Verd and Benguela, particularly on the Gold Coast, Whydah, the Bight of Benin, and Angola, in order to your seizing such ships and vessels as may be liable thereto, under the authority of the acts .
In which direction would you travel to get to the Titanic: from the Whydah Galley?