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Benin: see OuidahOuidah
or Whydah
, town (1992 pop. 32,474), S Benin, a port on the Gulf of Guinea. It was the capital of a small state founded about the 16th cent. From the early 17th cent.
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Seven species (21 specimens) of Vidua (the whydahs and indigo birds) and two specimens of Anomalospiza imberbis (the Cuckoo Finch) were examined, with the results in comparison to the Estrildidae presented in Table 3.
Most systematists who have studied the question--Chapin (1917, 1929, 1954), Sushkin (1927), Delacour (1943), Tordoff (1954), Wolters (1957, 1960), Friedman (1960, 1962), Bentz (1979), Sibley & Ahlquist (1990), Lahti & Payne (2003), and Fry & Keith (2004)--placed the whydahs closer to their hosts, the waxbills, than to any other systematic group.
Nomenclature and systematic position of the paradise whydahs. Auk 4:474-484.
chalybeata and others), most paradise whydahs, and their host species were collected by RBP and Laura Payne in Zimbabwe and Malawi, and by RBP, Laura Payne, and NKK in Cameroon (Payne et al.
nigeriae Ortygospiza atricollis(*) Paradise whydahs Pytilias V.
- To test the relationships within the species complexes of the indigobirds and the paradise whydahs, and whether these two species groups each were monophyletic, we estimated the phylogenetic relationships among all Vidua.