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Importantly, the paper also identifies new business opportunities created through the convergence of Wi-Fi and 5G at the network and RAN layers, including enterprise use cases, manufacturing, public hotspots and residential applications.
Edgewater Wireless ( is the industry provider of innovative Wi-Fi technology for residential and commercial markets.
As this newest white paper from WBA illustrates, savvy deployment of Wi-Fi 6 can mitigate some of the growing pains that Wi-Fi is experiencing, while ensuring that operators, enterprises and vendors meet important service-level agreements (SLAs).
Today, mobile and Wi-Fi networks have become pervasive.
It found that 43% of families agree their wi-fi connection restricts what they want to do throughout the home and half of people said they'd be put off buying a house that had lots of wi-fi blackspots.
AirEngine is specifically designed for the building of leading high-quality Wi-Fi networks that feature high-performance connections, optimal user experience, and enablement of new business.
Recently, Osama was interviewed about the latest Wi-Fi standard and its implications and various use cases relevant to the new standard.
Recently RailTel has roped in Tata Trust for providing Wi-Fi at remaining 4791 B, C, D and E category stations across the country.
All Wi-Fi hotspot service providers are required to retain information/data of users from public Wi-Fi hotspots.
Wi-Fi hotspots, based on international standards, will be allowed
The new Zyxel AC3800 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Extender System (WAP6906) and Multy Pro Whole-Home Wi-Fi System with gigabit MoCA 2.0 residential gateway (EMG6765) and Wi-Fi extender (WAP7205) add new gigabit Wi-Fi solutions that are practical and economical, and offer service providers many more options to deliver managed Wi-Fi service profitably to their customer base.
In a list of 43 countries surveyed in November, the Philippines ranked as the third country with the worst mobile data speed, only next to Cambodia and India, and the second worst in terms of Wi-fi speed.