wireless adapter

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wireless adapter

A device that adds wireless connectivity to a laptop or desktop computer. All of the adapters below are available as external USB modules as well as PCI or PCI Express (PCIe) cards that plug into an empty slot on the motherboard. See PCI and PCI Express.

Wi-Fi adapters provide connectivity to the local area network (LAN) in the home or office. Typically used to add Wi-Fi to desktop computers, they can also retrofit older laptops that never came with Wi-Fi. See Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

Cellular (3G, 4G)
Cellular wireless adapters, also called "cellular modems," "air cards," "broadband adapters" or "broadband cards," deliver the same 3G and 4G wireless service that smartphones use. See wireless broadband and cellular modem.

Bluetooth provides short range transmission between the computer and a mouse or keyboard. See Bluetooth.

Adding "N" Wi-Fi
The USB adapter (top) adds 802.11n Wi-Fi to both laptop or desktop, while the card on the bottom plugs into a PCI slot on a desktop computer (see 802.11n). (Images courtesy of D-Link Corporation and TP-LINK Technologies Co., Ltd.)

Verizon Cellular Modem
This adapter plugged into a PC Card socket on older laptops to connect to the Verizon 3G network. Subsequent adapters for 3G and 4G plug into USB. See cellular modem and PC Card. (Image courtesy of Verizon Wireless.)
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When it comes to hardware, you will need a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3, a micro SD card, power supply and an ethernet cord or Wi-Fi dongle (Pi 3 has Wi-Fi inbuilt).
The chassis is USB 3.0-compatible and features a fully compliant LXI interface with the option of using a Wi-Fi dongle (sold separately).
An available wi-fi dongle also enables direct sharing with PCs, laptops, tablet computers and smartphones.
For example, we're aware of an older Bonanza that came out of an avionics shop with a Wi-Fi dongle zip-tied behind the panel.
Tenders are invited for Wi-Fi Dongle For Epson Multi Media Projector.
Burglars took a 42-inch LG 3D Cinema TV, an LG Wi-Fi Dongle, a Samsung Camcorder SMX F401, a Fujitsu Digi Cam T200 in a pink case, a purple Dyson DC41, a Kindle and a silver coloured iPod.
There are now four USB ports instead of two, so you can attach a mouse, keyboard and Wi-Fi dongle (a common combination) without needing an extra USB hub.
Yota Devices' TD-LTE enabled Wi-Fi dongle 'Amber', which can connect 11 different devices simultaneously in a home environment, and portable router 'Ruby' are the two products that the company has positioned for the Indian market.
The model is to feature a Wi-Fi dongle, colour coordinated seat covers, LED interior lighting, driver side airbag and power adjust mirrors in the ZXi variant of the car.
The special package will include a Wi-fi dongle, apart from colour coordinated seat covers and LED interior lighting.
There's an ethernet port (or an optional Wi-Fi dongle) to sup from your internet pipe, meaning it'll also stream YouTube and snatch video or pics from your PC.
The company is offering its customers a special value pack that will include a Wi-Fi dongle, colour coordinated seat covers and LED interior lighting for INR9,790.