hotspot finder

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hotspot finder

(1) A website that lists the locations of hotspots. See hotspot.

(2) An app in a mobile device or handheld unit that detects the presence of an 802.11 network. Also called a "Wi-Fi detector" or "Wi-Fi signal finder," it reports which hotspots are in the vicinity by network name (SSID) and security type. See hotspot.

A Smartphone Hotspot Finder
Apple coined the phrase "there's an app for that," and there are plenty of smartphone Wi-Fi finder apps like the iPhone app above and all other platforms.

The Handheld Hotspotter
Canary Wireless's Digital Hotspotter identifies more information about hotspots than most apps do: SSID (hotspot name), signal strength, encryption status (Open or Secure) and channel number. This is the SSID of the first found network.
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Wi-Fi finder. There are also times when users want to use more data than they have on their mobile plans, such as when they want to watch HD videos.
The app's Wi-Fi finder had few public hot spots to suggest.
The Wi-Fi finder feature started appearing in the Facebook app via the menu for some users.
Wi-Fi Finder (Free): See a map of all the free or paid public Wi-Fi hotspots in your area.
The Wi-Fi Finder app (free for Android and Apple) finds no-charge connections nearby.
8 Wi-Fi Finder: If you regularly need to find a decent Wi-Fi hotspot this is the app for you.
With the Wi-Fi Finder app, users can see details about nearby wireless networks, including the strength of the signal and whether or not the connection is free.
The top ten appSmitten Android All Stars saw Pulse at number ten, followed by Tune Me, GasBuddy, Wi-Fi Finder, Google Sky Map, Pocket Yoga, Where's My Car, TruxMap, Vlingo and Camscanner.
Enter Wi-Fi Finder (>)--you will get more than 400,000 wi-fi access locations, in 144 countries; it tells you if the wi-fi is free, gives you street addresses, directions, and a map for each one.
* -- Kensington's wi-fi finder determines whether you can access a public signal from your computer.