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has launched its new SmartThings Wifi mesh network system.
The DiaperSens system consists of Bluetooth sensors, Bluetooth to Wifi mesh network, and a cloud based platform to continuously monitor diaper status and to send real-time diaper change notifications to caregivers.
Over the coming months, DEWALT will launch a fully connected system, including WiFi mesh network and, later, an Internet of Things platform, to enhance productivity, profitability, and safety on the jobsite.
It will design a network to support a WiFi mesh network for public workers, with casual Internet access to be provided to serve the area's tourist industry.
Yozan announced a trial with America's Tropos Networks, and the Tropos WiFi mesh network in July.
The platform will be used to roll-out a WiFi mesh network across the campus at Southland Institute of Technology (SIT) in New Zealand.