Wide-Band Antenna

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Antenna, Wide-Band


an antenna characterized by the fact that its performance factors (radiation pattern, input impedance, and other properties) can change, within allowable limits, over a wide frequency range without reconstruction. The Nadenenko dipole, or doublet, antenna, the rhombic antenna, and others are used as wide-band antennas in the meter and decameter wave bands. The horn and the spiral antennas are used as wide-band antennas in the centimeter and decimeter bands.

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In a traditional C(capacitance)-L(inductance)-C(capacitance) T-type network, the load impedance of a wide-band antenna can be used to approximate the system impedance, leading to [Z.sub.ANTENNA] = Z0 (=50 [OMEGA]), and, with the two same series capacitances C and one shunt inductance L, the matching single operating frequency is as follows:
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Highlights for the year ended May 31 included the successful ful filment of a large order for its ultra wide-band antennas from a world leading mobile telecommunica tions infrastructure manufacturer.
Wide-band antennas, having low profile and reduced manufacturing costs, are finding widespread interest in the industrial and the scientific community [1-18].
It was shown that the achieved bandwidth depends mainly on the antennas; wide-band antennas (with almost constant impedance) can lead to a wide band decoupling bandwidth and vice-versa.
Through the use of wide-band antennas and power amplifiers (PA), the power, weight and the amount of real estate consumed by antennas and electronics can be significantly reduced.
Most of the trade involved military aircraft and included the first shipments of wide-band antennas compatible with the US Army's radio systems.
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