Wijetunga, Dingiri Banda

Wijetunga, Dingiri Banda,

1916–2008, Sri Lankan political leader. A member of the United National party, he served in the parliament of Sri Lanka (1965–70, 1977–93), holding several cabinet posts. Appointed prime minister (1989) by President Ranasinghe PremadasaPremadasa, Ranasinghe,
1924–1993, Sri Lankan political leader. As a member of the Ceylon Labour party, he worked as a labor organizer and was elected deputy mayor of Colombo in 1955.
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, he succeeded him (1993) when Premadasa was killed by a suicide bomber. During his short time in office, Wijetunga brought a more conciliatory tone to the presidency, while continuing the economic and social development programs initiated by his predecessor. After his party lost (1994) both the parliamentary and presidential elections, he was succeeded as president by Chandrika KumaratungaKumaratunga, Chandrika Bandaranaike
, 1945–, Sri Lankan politician, president of Sri Lanka (1994–2005). The daughter of two former prime ministers, the assassinated (1959) Solomon Bandaranaike and his wife, Sirimavo Bandaranaike, and the widow of Vijaya Kumartunga,
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