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see Assange, JulianAssange, Julian Paul
, 1971–, Australian Internet journalist and activist, founder of WikiLeaks, a whistleblower website that publishes documents and images considered confidential or secret by governments and businesses.
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A website ( that according to its submission page, accepts classified, censored and restricted material that has ethical, diplomatic and political significance. Founded by Julian Assange, the site is designed to be uncensorable and untraceable because submissions are routed through Sweden and Belgium, which have laws that protect journalist sources. The first documents were published on WikiLeaks at the end of 2006.

Very Controversial
Documents and videos have been published on WikiLeaks that include sensitive military information, political cover-ups, tax evasion, suppression of free speech and spying. Some have caused enormous controversy, while others have effected changes such as the outcome of an election. Assange, who keeps an extremely low profile, has been hailed as both hero and villain.

WikiLeaks garnered major, international attention in the summer of 2010 when it published thousands of U.S. military documents relating to the war in Afghanistan. It enabled the public to learn realities of the war as well as divulged U.S. strategy.
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The DNC may have a close relationship to governments and government officials, but it was a private organization when Russian hackers attacked it and fed its correspondence to Wikileaks. Sony was a private corporation at the time Wikileaks accepted and placed online the results of a massive hack of Sony's correspondence that was apparently conducted by North Korea.
WikiLeaks says Mr Assange will be extradited to the United States if he leaves the building.
WikiLeaks also included a link to its database search for members of the public to verify these directly.
WikiLeaks said a new editor-in-chief had been appointed due to the "extraordinary circumstances" of Assange having been held in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London without any contact for six months aside from his lawyers.
Wikileaks published the video of a US helicopter strike that killed seven people, including a journalist working for the Reuters news agency.
admitted he had corresponded with WikiLeaks during the campaign, the officials said, according to ( the Independent.
On Tuesday, the Atlantic magazine reported Donald Trump Jr, the president's son, was in contact with WikiLeaks via Twitter direct messages during the final stages of the 2016 election.
Anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks said on Monday that its founder Julian Assange's internet was shut down by the government of Ecuador, deflecting blame from the U.S.
The message by Snowden came after the internet link of Assange, who is taking refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, has been severed by a "state party," according to WikiLeaks.
As reported by WikiLeaks the majority of emails deal with international matters as opposed to more sensitive internal issues.
After WikiLeaks released a video in early 2010 showing America soldiers shooting and killing 17 civilians in Iraq, there have been numerous attempts by scholars and students of communication to understand the ideology behind WikiLeaks, its history and growth, and how it has influenced global policies.
Khorasan said Al-Waie had found on WikiLeaks a document proving that Shaheed had taken a million-dollar bribe to sound a tough line on Iran.