Wild Grape

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Wild Grape


species of woody liana of various genera of the family Vitaceae.

(1) The species of the genus Parthenocissus are characterized by bisexual or pseudobisexual flowers (with an underdeveloped gynaecium), most of which have free stellate recurved petals. The berries are small and dark blue or bluish black. The tips of the tendrils are usually broadened into disks. There are about ten species in North America and Asia. The species P. tricuspidata grows wild in the Far East of the USSR. The species P. quinquefolia and P. inserta are used as ornamental plants.

(2) The species of the genus Ampelopsis have diclinous, monoecious flowers with free stellate recurved petals. Their berries are small and either white, dark blue, or orange; most are inedible. There are about 20 species, growing chiefly in North America and Asia. In the USSR there are four species, of which three are found in the Far East and one in Tadzhikistan. The species A. brevipedunculata is cultivated as a climbing plant.

(3) The wild species of the genus Vitis have diclinous, dioecious, less frequently, bisexual flowers with petals connate at the apexes. Their berries are small and black. In the USSR there are three species, growing in the southern European part, the Caucasus, Middle Asia (Kopetdag), and the Far East.


References in classic literature ?
Then join our leaping lines that scumfish through the pines, That rocket by where, light and high, the wild grape swings.
Beyond, in a slightly clearer space, wild grape and honeysuckle swung in green riot from gnarled old oak trees.
Wild grapes, dangling in ripe clusters from low-hanging vines, are what perfume the air.
16: Elderberries and wild grapes should be perfect for juice and
This new, more reliable host record is important for understanding natural components of the vineyard agro-ecosystems in New York that often include neighboring riparian areas frequented by wild grapes, which can serve as reservoirs of both pest and non-pest leafhoppers and their natural enemies.
She knew where all the berries were--strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, and even wild grapes.
Its native range is across eastern North America, where it feeds on several species of wild grapes.
Although Spike is worried about running into Bear, he follows his friend into the woods, where Rupert shows him how to spear wild grapes and how to "kazaak" threatening carrots.
But, despite all the pampering preparations one could hope for on the part of the owner, the project disappoints, yielding wild grapes (cf.
Standing in the sunshine, gently cooled by a timeless breeze and enveloped by the fresh smell of the land, we read Isaiah's parable of the wild grapes, the bad fruit among his people of Judea, and of God's disappointment and sorrow.
Since I hunt primarily grouse and woodcock, we are usually in coverts with wild grapes.