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1. (of animals) living independently of man; not domesticated or tame
2. (of plants) growing in a natural state; not cultivated
3. living in a savage or uncivilized way
4. (of a card, such as a joker or deuce in some games) able to be given any value the holder pleases
5. a desolate, uncultivated, or uninhabited region

in the wild

Something still in use or available to the public. For example, "audio formats in the wild" means all the audio file formats that are still in current use. When a tweet, video or other post has been published, it may also be said it is in the wild.

Viruses in the Wild
The phrase often refers to viruses that have not been contained. Although tens of thousands of viruses have been unleashed, most of them have been eradicated and exist only in computer labs for research purposes. However, at any given time, there may be a couple hundred viruses that are still "in the wild," contaminating computer systems of unsuspecting users. For more information, visit The WildList Organization International at www.wildlist.org.

wild cards

Symbols used to represent any value when selecting specific files. In DOS, Windows and Unix, the asterisk (*) represents any collection of characters, and the question mark (?) represents a single character. In SQL, the percent sign (%) and underscore (_) are used for matching text. Note the following examples:

DOS and Windows (case insensitive)

 *.gif    .gif or .GIF extension

 a*.gif   beginning with "a" or "A"

 boot.*   all files named "BooT"
           any mix upper/lower case

 *.d*     extensions starting with
           "d" or "D"

 ?abc     1ABC, 2abc, etc.

 ??abc    10ABC, xxabc, etc.

 Windows only (case insensitive)

 *t.jpg   JPEG files ending with "T"

 Unix only (case sensitive)

 *.jpg    .jpg extension

 *.JPG    .JPG extension

 a*.jpg   beginning with "a"

 A*.jpg   beginning with "A"

 boot.*   all files named "boot"

 BOOT.*   all files named "BOOT"

 ?abc     1abc, xabc, etc.

 ??ABC    10ABC, XXABC, etc.


 Good%    begining with "Good"

 _bcd     any name followed by "bcd"
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"Our tests showed that the Wilden pumps with the Pro-Flo SHIFT ADS require less air consumption to provide the same liquid flow as pumps from other manufacturers, giving us much greater efficiency and energy savings," Villanueva says.
"What we have in one area is a press pipe that introduces the fluid into the process and from there it runs back to the tank where the Wilden pump pulls it out and sends it to the next location," says Bollebakker.
Wilden, part of PSG, A Dover Company, Grand Terrace, CA 92313.
"Advanced FIT pumps represent a major breakthrough in reducing installations costs when upgrading your AODD pump as they have been designed to drop into the existing plumbing footprint without any rebuilds being necessary" reports Peter Carfrae, AxFlow's Wilden product manager.
John Sumner was found at the Washington Recycling Centre, on Wilden Road, in June.
RGC coach Sam Dodge advises Cerddwn Ymlaen walkers Rhys Meirion, Beryl Vaughan and John Wilden Pic: ERYL CRUMP
In February the company also launched a new product in the Wilden Pumps range, called Pro-Flow Shift.
Jayne Brownridge, Grant Thornton; Linda Large, Duff & Phelps; Shirley McDonough, PwC; Tracey Paton, Dignity, and Linda Wilden, University of Birmingham, have joined Key managing director Mary Hendry as the founding members of the PA:PM Focus Group and will be responsible for looking at future themes and development opportunities for West Midlands PAs.
Pump Solutions Group (PSG), an operating company within Dover Corporation and a global leader of pumps, systems and related technologies, featured its Wilden brand's new Pro-Flo SHIFT Air Distribution System (ADS) at Khimia 2013 in Moscow.
AxFlow has introduced the latest air distribution systems (ADS) from Wilden which can achieve up to 60 percent savings in air consumption.
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