Wildgans, Anton

Wildgans, Anton


Born Apr. 17, 1881, in Vienna; died May 3, 1932, in Mödling, near Vienna. Austrian poet and playwright. Lawyer by education.

For a number of years Wildgans was director of the Vienna Burgtheater. His lyric poetry is devoted to the theme of love (the collections From the Road, 1903; And Have Not Charity, 1911; and Sonnets, 1913). Social enthusiasm is characteristic of the collections Autumn—Spring (1909), Austrian Poems (1914), Viennese Poems (1926), and others, as well as the plays Poverty (1914), Love (1916), and Dies irae (1918). Wildgans is the author of the antimilitaristic satirical epos Kirbisch (1927).


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