Wildlife Habitat Council

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Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC)

Address:8737 Colesville Rd, Suite 800
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Web: www.wildlifehc.org
Established: 1988. Description:Corporations, conservation groups, and individuals supporting the greater use of undeveloped corporate lands for increasing animal and plant populations. Members: 109. Dues: $25/year.
Publications: WIN: Wildlife in the News (quarterly); members: $10. Nonmembers: $25.

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This honor recognizes Waste Management is meeting strict requirements to support sustainable ecosystem management at the Greater Wenatchee Regional Landfill," said Margaret O'Gorman, president of the Wildlife Habitat Council.
Cemex is truly committed to fostering robust environmental initiatives and pursuing sustainable business practices, so it's a real honor to have our facilities' efforts recognized by the Wildlife Habitat Council," Cemex USA President Ignacio Madridejos said.
The Wildlife Habitat Council is a nonprofit group of corporations, conservation organizations, and individuals dedicated to protecting and enhancing wildlife habitat.
sites were recently recertified by the Wildlife Habitat Council during an event celebrating corporate conservation.
The company now has 62 sites that have achieved Conservation Certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council.
have been certified or recertified by the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC); 28 fall under WHC's Wildlife at Work program, which oversees voluntary efforts that go beyond regulatory requirements to restore and conserve wildlife habitats on corporate owned land, the remaining seven projects operate under Corporate Lands for Learning certification, which goes a step further by opening up corporate lands to the local community for educational use.
The Emerald Park landfill recently was certified as a Corporate Lands for Learning site by the Wildlife Habitat Council, the Jacksonville, Fla.
The award is largely the result of Eastman employees' involvement in a variety of projects associated with the Wildlife Habitat Council.
The Dupont project was encouraged and later certified by a Silver Spring, Maryland-based group called the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC).
announced that it has received certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) for its efforts to protect, enhance, and monitor wildlife and habitat restoration projects at Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve.

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