Willem Cornelis Schouten

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Schouten, Willem Cornelis


Born 1580 (?) in Hoorn, province of North Holland; died 1625. Dutch navigator.

In 1615, Schouten and J. Le Maire led a trade expedition to Indonesia by a western route. Schouten’s account of his journey around the world, Journal or Description of the MarvelousVoyage, was first published in 1618 in Amsterdam and was subsequently reprinted many times. The islands that Schouten discovered off the northeastern coast of New Guinea were named in his honor.

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Now from the Hoorentse islands to the Cocus or Verraders island, discovered by Willem Schouten, we reckon still more to eastward 8[degrees]15' so that for the longitude of Coques and Verraders island we get 194[degrees].
1616: Willem Schouten became the first person to round Cape Horn.
When Oldenbarnevelt took no action, Le Maire financed the voyage himself and sent his son, Jacques (together with Willem Schouten) to explore the region.
The Dutch navigator Willem Schouten found a southern route in 1616, but it was no shortcut.
The first Europeans to visit Isla de los Estados were two Dutch sailors, Jacques Le Maire and Willem Schouten, who in 1616 happened upon the island as they were looking for an easier passage than the Strait of Magellan to the Pacific.
On This Day: 1616: Willem Schouten became the first person to round Cape Horn.