William Bligh

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Bligh, William

(blī), 1754–1817, British admiral. He is chiefly remembered for the mutiny (1789) on his ship, the BountyBounty,
British naval vessel, a 220-ton (200-metric-ton), 85-ft (26-m) cutter, commanded by William Bligh. She set sail for the Pacific in Dec., 1787, to transport breadfruit trees from the Society Islands to the West Indies. On Apr.
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, but he had a long and notable career. He was sailing master on Capt. James Cook's last voyage (1776–79). Later he was a commander in the French wars, then (1805–8) governor of New South Wales, where he was briefly imprisoned (1808) by army mutineers in the so-called Rum Rebellion. Bligh was made a rear admiral in 1811 and a vice admiral in 1814. A brave and able officer, he was handicapped in dealing with men by his difficult temper.


See J. Barrow, The Mutiny of the Bounty (1989); S. McKinney, A True Account of Mutiny Aboard His Majesty's Ship Bounty (1989).

Bligh, William

(1754–1817) naval officer accused of practising unfair and illegal cruelties. [Br. Hist.: EB, II: 82; Am. Lit.: Mutiny on the Bounty]
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King was replaced by the fiery disciplinarian, Captain William Bligh RN, appointed in the belief that he could effectively enforce the rule of the civil power over the military and their associates.
On April 28, 1789, there was a mutiny on the HMS Bounty as rebelling crew members of the British ship led by Fletcher Christian set the captain, William Bligh, and 18 sailors adrift in a launch in the South Pacific.
In history, William Bligh captained which ship, whose crew mutinied against him on 28 April 1789?
Hopkins, who played Lieutenant William Bligh, the captain of the mutinied ship, was even more generous with his time.
According to the locals, the Australian team is in crisis, Ricky Ponting is the worst captain since William Bligh, the batsmen are scratching around like hungry emus and the bowlers have replaced thunderbolts with pies.
Only about two years after he returned to England after the disaster of the HMS Bounty, Captain William Bligh set off again to finish what he had started.
The Bounty became famous for the maritime mutiny of 1789 when Master Mate Fletcher Christian and some of the crew rebelled against the leadership of Captain William Bligh during the voyage to Tahiti and the West Indies.
In 1787, Lieutenant William Bligh and his crew sailed the newly-commis- sioned His Majesty's Armed Vessel Bounty out of Spithead, England, on course for the Pacific Island of Otaheite (Tahiti) to procure breadfruits for transplantation in the West Indies.
The notebook of William Bligh (MS5393) and the List of Mutineers http://nationaltreasures.
Munro, who died in 1978 at the age of 79, will be the latest in a long list of real-life characters Hopkins has brought to life on the screen, including Richard Nixon, William Bligh, Pablo Picasso and writer CS Lewis.
The eight mutineers cast their captain, William Bligh, adrift and with six Polynesian men, 12 Polynesian women and a small girl, they settled on the island, where they remained undiscovered for 18 years.