William Boyce

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Boyce, William,

c.1710–1779, English composer. After studying in London, he became a composer (1736) and later an organist (1758) of the Chapel Royal and Master of the King's Music in 1755. Although overshadowed by Handel, he was the foremost English-born composer of his day. He wrote symphonies, stage works, and much vocal music. His most important work is Cathedral Music (3 vol., 1760–78), a compilation of church music by English composers.
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He wanted the younger woman and the older woman's money WILLIAM BOYCE, QC, PROSECUTOR
Uddin, who acted as Rose's official representative drafted several versions of the email to "choose the right words to pressure and intimidate Ms Ecclestone into paying Au200,000", said William Boyce QC.
William Boyce QC, prosecuting, said 33-year-old Rose orchestrated the email, which claimed a tabloid had offered him PS200,000 for his story.
The defendants were hoping the victim would buy their silence, said William Boyce QC, prosecuting.
William Boyce QC, prosecuting, told the jury at Southwark Crown Court that it did not matter if the "secrets" that Rose allegedly threatened to reveal were true.
The year 2011 saw the 300th anniversary of the birth of William Boyce (1711-1779).
The inaugural Tercentenary Stakes commemorates the debut of horseracing at Ascot in 1711, the year that marked the birth of English composer William Boyce and Scottish philosopher David Hume.
Prosecutor William Boyce QC said Timms was sent "reeling and staggering" by the attack in Newham on May 14.
Choudhry told detectives she was trying to kill Labour MP Mr Timms for "punishment" and "to get revenge for the people of Iraq", prosecutor William Boyce QC, said.
Choudhry told detectives she was trying to kill Mr Timms for "punishment" and "to get revenge for the people of Iraq", prosecutor William Boyce, QC, said.
Like William Boyce and Michael Haydn, Johann Adolf Hasse is a composer whom I discovered (with great delight) only fairly recently, and I have since been anxious to discover more.
These were the words of his lawyer William Boyce QC.