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Brewster, William,

1567–1644, English separatist and Plymouth colonist. After studying briefly at Cambridge he became the chief member of the congregation at Scrooby that broke away, or separated, from the Anglican Church in 1606; the members, after their migration to Holland in 1608, were known as Pilgrims. On his press at Leiden, Brewster printed a number of religious books and tracts that were distributed throughout England. Returning to England in 1617, he helped make arrangements for the Pilgrim migration to America and in 1620 embarked on the Mayflower with his wife, two sons, and two indentured boys. Brewster, an elder of the church from the time he lived in Leiden, was the sole religious leader of the Plymouth Colony until 1629, but because he was not ordained, he confined his ministry to services of prayer and praise only. Although he held no lay offices, he was very influential, being one of the eight who undertook (1627) to discharge the debt to the colony's backers.


See biographies by A. Steele (1857, repr. 1970) and D. Brewster (1970).

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Brewster, William

(1567–1644) Pilgrim leader; born in Nottinghamshire, England. Exposed to separatist religious ideas at Cambridge University, he became the leader of the Pilgrims and directed their escape to Holland in 1608. He sailed on the Mayflower and then served as a church elder and as adviser to Governor William Bradford.
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Pictured in the photo is Bobby Stephens (left) and William Brewster, M.D., vice president of NH Market for Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.
William Brewster, co-founder of the American Ornithologists' Union, claimed the original plates a masterpiece unrivaled by any work since Audubon.
Writing in his memoir, Of Plymouth Plantation, Bradford said of my paternal ancestor, William Brewster, "He was tenderhearted and compassionate of such as were in misery, but especially of such as had been of good estate and rank and were fallen unto want and poverty."
Services have been held since the Pilgrims landed, and there's still a Brewster in the congregation, all those generations on from William Brewster, the minister on board the Mayflower.
The small group, under the leadership of William Brewster and John Robinson, settled in Leyden.
A life member of the Mayflower Society, Dudley traced his roots to William Brewster. He also was an Old Sturbridge Village Overseer and an active member of the Cape Cod Glass Club.
Harry Brewster was raised in France as the son of an English mother and an American father descended from William Brewster, one of the first pilgrims to sail to America on the Mayflower.
"Patience Brewster" (the composer's ten-great grandmother) was the daughter of William Brewster who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620 to found New Plymouth Colony and become its religious leader.
The new lend-lease merchant ship 'William Brewster, built in Superior, Wisconsin, was heading downstream at one of the narrowest spots in the river, at Harsen's Island near Algonac, Michigan (home of Chris-Craft Corp., pleasure boat builders then engaged heavily in war contracts).
The article received the Scripps Howard Foundation's 2005 National Journalism Award for Business/Economics Reporting, which included the William Brewster Styles award and a cash prize of $10,000.
She was one of eight children in a family that claimed to trace its ancestry to Mayflower Pilgrim William Brewster. (7) She went to local public schools and attended Bethel Baptist Church, a congregation with about 110 members in the town of Winslow.