William Carr Beresford

Beresford, William Carr


Born Oct. 2, 1768; died Jan. 8, 1854, in Bedgebury, Kent. English general.

In 1808, Beresford entered the service of the Anglo-Portuguese forces on the Iberian Peninsula. He was a Portuguese marshal and commander in chief of the Portuguese army from 1809. After his triumph over the army of the French marshal Soult at La Albuera (1811), he became the actual ruler of Portugal. In 1820, after setting off for Brazil for negotiations with the Portuguese king Joāo VI, he was not allowed back into Portugal, from which the English had been expelled as a result of a revolution.

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In December Rear Admiral Samuel Hood had sailed with eight warships and fifteen transports carrying 3,658 men under the command of Major General William Carr Beresford, who the previous year had commanded a similar, though on that occasion unsuccessful, expedition to occupy Buenos Aires.
William Carr Beresford was to play a key role in Portuguese history during the early nineteenth century.