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Story then returns closer to the facts as Bobby is threatened with being put down under a new by-law regarding strays, before being saved by the last-minute intervention of the city's lord provost, Sir William Chambers (Christopher Lee).
Milliner William Chambers presented a bold range in contemporary-classic style, offering options for weddings, race days and any occasion where a hat will give the finishing touch to the outfit.
November 28, 1915: Lance Cpl William Chambers, of 14 Lindley Street, Longwood, died from enteric fever while serving with the 8th Bn the Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment in the Dardanelles.
The original portions of the building were designed and built by Sir William Chambers, famous for the Pagoda at Kew, in the late 18th century.
Top contemporary designers like Robert Adam and William Chambers were used, and the firm was soon able to boast a clientele that included George III and the Empress of Russia.
This terraced villa on a sloping site was ruinous by the late-seventeenth century, though was drawn by William Chambers in c 1750 and inspired stage designs and architectural capricci.
The historic deal was discovered when previous sellers were going through the papers of dictionary publisher William Chambers, who lived in the house for 34 years until his death in 1883.
The overlong 105-minute film aims to explore the true meaning of courage, loyalty and devotion, topped off with Lee's Lord Provost character, Sir William Chambers, using the sort of common sense not always seen in today's legal circles.
810 years: William Chambers 41+9=50, Alister Haynes 40+9=49, Ashley Alderman 38+9=47, Joe Lennon-Joiner 37+9=46, Louis Tomlinson 33+12=45, Chris Brown 23+12=35.
Owners: Carolyn Chambers, Scott Chambers, Elizabeth Chambers, Silva Sullivan, William Chambers, Clark Chambers
She commissioned Sir William Chambers, the foremost architect of the time to design many of the follies found here today.