William Goodell

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Goodell, William

(go͝odĕl`), 1792–1867, American missionary in the Middle East, b. Templeton, Mass. He went in 1823, for the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, to what is now Beirut, Lebanon, where he established the Congregationalist mission. In 1831 he went to Constantinople and there established a mission for the Armenians of the city. His translation of the Bible into Armeno-Turkish occupied 20 years. The success of Congregational missions in Turkey is largely founded upon his work. His memoirs were edited by E. D. G. Prime under the title Forty Years in the Turkish Empire (1876).
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William Goodell saw him attempt to employ the new tactic before the Congregational Antislavery Evangelical Convention in May 1842.
Like Lysander Spooner, William Goodell, and many others, Douglass also felt that abolitionists were unlikely to succeed in converting Northerners to antislavery if they attacked, as slaveholders did, the revered American tradition; they were far more likely to win the support of the North if they could prove slavery to be unconstitutional.
75), as a" earlier president of the college, William Goodell Frost, put it in his 1893 inaugural address.