William Hamilton

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Hamilton, William,

1704–54, English poet, b. Scotland. He is best known for the poem "The Braes of Yarrow" (1724).

William Hamilton

A mathematician who posed Hamilton's problem.


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In the two-page letter to his mistress Emma's husband, Sir William Hamilton, he says: "I am quite rejoiced to hear that you have got possession and I assure you every study of mine shall be to make you happy in it.
Pero entonces se aparece el victoriano ingles que nunca falta con una vision diferente del asunto y que en esta ocasion se llama sir William Hamilton, que fue presidente de la benemerita Society of Dilettanti de Londres.
The marijuana plant is not medical marijuana for the following reasons: It has not been run through a drug or medicine approval process and approved by a recognized organization like the FDA, Federal Drug Administration, for either prescription or over the counter drugs," William Hamilton of Intermountain Medical Center in Murray (http://fox13now.
This notorious liaison had begun in 1799 as a menage a trois with her husband, the Scottish diplomat, collector, antiquarian, archaeologist, and volcanologist, Sir William Hamilton (1731-1803).
According to the Massachusetts State Police, William Hamilton, 73, of Worcester, was driving a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis when it was involved in a minor collision with a 1998 Honda Accord driven by Arkloo Wong, 81, of Watertown, about 11 a.
The bar is owned by the team's main sponsor, William Hamilton, who's also the boss of Hamilton Tarmac.
This creates an intellectual framework to help establish tissue techniques for other stem cells populations and represents a new paradigm for how we think about embryonic stems cells and how we maintain them," said William Hamilton of DanStem.
For example, on the 1779 eruption, Sir William Hamilton published a Supplement to the Campi Phlegraei: Being an Account of the Great Eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the Month of August 1779 [Naples, 1779]; this followed his earlier Campi Phlegraei: Observations on the Volcanoes of the Two Sicilies as They Have Been Communicated to the Royal Society of London [Naples, 1776].
The visitors began well, with chances for Aaron Kirby, James Wallis, William Hamilton and Daniel Waldock, but the home keeper made some great saves.
He then sold the fragments to Sir William Hamilton, British envoy at the court of Naples, who had the task of restoring the vase.
There are many other Baptists who could have been included here, namely Isaac Backus, Burgiss Allison, John Clarke, Obadiah Holmes, Harry Emerson Fosdick, William Hamilton, Harvey Cox, Charles Stanley, W.
com)-- Bryan University's Provost, Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Legal Services, William Hamilton, has been named National E-Discovery Partner of Quarles & Brady LLP.