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Herbert, William:

see Pembroke, William Herbert, 3d earl ofPembroke, William Herbert, 3d earl of,
1580–1630, English courtier and patron of letters. Son of Mary Herbert, countess of Pembroke, and nephew of Sir Philip Sidney, he was tutored by the poet Samuel Daniel and
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We have seen an awful lot of damage and the consequences for production will be manifested in months rather than quarters," said William Herbert, managing director at Simmons & Company International investment bank in Houston.
There's been a movement among non-tenure-track faculty to unionize at universities across the country, including HBCUs," says William Herbert, executive director of the National Center for the Study of Collective Bargaining in Higher Education and the Professions at Hunter College of the City University of New York.
It was made at Henry VIII's Greenwich Royal Workshop by master armourer Erasmus Kirkener for William Herbert, the first Earl of Pembroke.
Shakespeare's patron; William Herbert, third Earl of Pembroke, 1580-1630; politics, patronage and power.
I talk about brothers John and William Herbert who are commemorated in St John's Church - Sir John was chief secretary to Queen Elizabeth I and died some months after fighting a duel, which would have been disapproved of at the time.
MODERN SILVER PRICE ACTION - The Hunt bothers, Nelson Bunker and William Herbert borrowed a great deal of money in addition to their substantial fortune in 1980 in an attempt to corner the market in silver.
Gilbert (half- brother of Sir Walter Raleigh and brother of Sir Humphrey Gilbert, the great Elizabethan explorer) designed the gardens of Wilton House for its incumbent William Herbert, third earl of Pembroke (fourth cousin and patron of George).
According to William Herbert from the United Way AmeriCorps Vista, the team is exemplifying the mission of the greater organization.
Shakespeare claims, at least, a 'tanned antiquity' in Sonnet 62, which may have been written to William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke from 1601, who was fourteen years younger than Shakespeare.
Victoria Bullough, 24, wed William Herbert, the 18th Earl of Pembroke.