William Holman Hunt

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William Holman Hunt
BirthplaceCheapside, London

Hunt, William Holman,

1827–1910, English painter. Hunt was a founder of the Pre-RaphaelitePre-Raphaelites
, brotherhood of English painters and poets formed in 1848 in protest against what they saw as the low standards and decadence of British art. The principal founders were D. G. Rossetti, W.
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 brotherhood and one of its most conscientious exponents. His paintings are often crude in color and laborious in technique, but are completely sincere in their devotion to Pre-Raphaelite principles. In 1854 he visited Palestine in order to have authentic material for his religious paintings. Among his best-known works are The Light of the World (Univ. of Oxford) and The Triumph of the Innocents (Liverpool Gall.).


See his Pre-Raphaelitism and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (1905–6); studies by F. G. Stephens (1860) and A. C. Gissing (1936).

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Hunt's biographer, Anne Clark Amor, pictures William Holman Hunt waiting to "face the full onslaught of the critics alone" when John Everett Millais leaves London after his work is rejected.
Allied to the Arnolfini Portrait's technical power was also the suggestiveness of its famous mirror, imitated in works ranging from a William Holman Hunt drawing of 1850, illustrating Tennyson's 'The Lady of Shalott', to The Mirror by William Orpen (1900; Fig.
Museum of Liverpool, Mann Island, 0151 478 4545, - Fri, 29 Apr - Sat, 30 Apr William Holman Hunt Sudley House, Mossley Hill Road, Mossley Hill, Liverpool, 0151 478 4016, - Fri, 29 Apr - Sat, 30 Apr Variety Night West Kirby Social Club, 98, Banks Road, 0151 625 7657, - Fri, 29 Apr - Sat, 30 Apr England Boxing : 2016 Elite National Finals Liverpool ECHO arena, Kings Dock, 0151 475 8888, - Fri, 29 Apr - Sun, 01 May, PS11.
Eve, 1881 Other big names include Rossetti, Barbara Hepworth, Patrick Heron, Ford Madox-Brown, Stanley Spencer, William Holman Hunt, Francis Bacon, Sir Anthony Gormley and Jacop Epstein, so there's a lot of quality works to see, though the ties binding the pieces together aren't always clear to see.
It was all served up in Oxford's oldest hotel, The Randolph, after the wedding in Keble College chapel with its huge stained glass windows, old wooden pews, tiled floor and, much to my mother's excitement, an original pre-Raphaelite William Holman Hunt masterpiece, The Light of the World.
In 1901, along with Walter Crane, William Holman Hunt and other painters, Southall formed the Society of Painters in Tempera and in 1902 he was elected a full member of the RBSA.
This new series looks at the pre-Raphaelite artists - Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Holman Hunt and John Millais, who shocked the nation with their genius.
Most prominent were Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Holman Hunt and John Everett Millais, above, and their work remains popular today.
The Gorham Judgement of 1850, the climax of a long-running baptismal controversy between Evangelicals and High Churchmen, a further chapter shows, stimulated a good deal of imaginative work by the Pre-Raphaelite artists John Everett Millais and William Holman Hunt and by the art critic John Ruskin (on whom Professor Wheeler is a particular authority).
From grand ornate oil paintings by some of the biggest names of the period - such as William Holman Hunt, Rossetti and Burne Jones - to smaller photographs, prints and sculptures and even postcards, the diversity of material on show is impressive.
As in the scriptural paintings of the Catholic Horace Vernet and the Protestant William Holman Hunt, Tissot brought his faith to bear on a thoroughly nineteenth-century insistence on life's material trappings.