William Kashtan

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Kashtan, William


Born 1909, in Montreal. Activist in the Canadian and international workers’ movement.

Kashtan is the son of a worker. He has participated in the Canadian communist movement since 1927. He held variousposts in the organizations of the Communist Party of Canada(CPC) in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario from 1938 to 1946. Kashtan was secretary of the national committee of theCPC for work in the trade unions and for organizational questions from 1946 to 1964. He has been general secretary of the CPC since January 1965.

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For example: Tim Buck, William Kashtan, Nancy MacDonald, Samuel Walsh, Jean Pare, Stanley Ryerson (yes, that family), and Elizabeth Rowley (present-day Ontario Party Leader).
Boyd, turned off by the authoritarianism he felt to be expressed by General Secretary William Kashtan, has published memoirs that are a goldmine for those interested in learning about Canadian socialists and their role in the labour and ethnic movements.