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Osler, Sir William

(ō`slər), 1849–1919, Canadian physician, M.D. McGill Univ., 1872. Renowned as a physician and as a medical historian, he was also the most brilliant and influential teacher of medicine in his day. He was professor at McGill (1875–84), the Univ. of Pennsylvania (1884–89), Johns Hopkins (1889–1904), and Oxford (from 1905). In 1911 he was knighted. His many medical observations include those on blood platelets and on the abnormally high red blood cell count in polycythemia. He wrote The Principles and Practice of Medicine (1892), one of the most prestigious medical textbooks in modern times, often revised, and A Concise History of Medicine (1919).


See Aphorisms from His Bedside Teachings and Writings (W. B. Bean, ed. 1950); biographies by H. Cushing (1925), E. G. Reid (1931), and M. Bliss (1999); bibliography by R. L. Golden and C. G. Roland (1988).

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Sir William Osler (1849-1919) is regarded by many in the English-speaking world as the greatest physician of his time (1, 2).
William Osler who had stated that it is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease than what sort of disease a patient has.
Sir William Osler (1849-1919), a pioneer of modern medicine, was at heart a dedicated bibliophile whose book collection contained important works in the history of medicine.
I am currently working as a vascular access coordinator in the William Osler Health System nephrology program.
He also taught William Welch and William Osler, 2 of the 4 famous physicians who founded Johns Hopkins Hospital.
The dean of modern medicine, Sir William Osler, was fond of telling his residents, "Do the kindest thing and do it first." That adage should drive the clinician's decision to employ the "kindest" maneuver that insures the quickest, safest, and most effective doctor-patient transaction.
(1,2) Sir William Osler started his journal club at McGill University, Montreal, more than 100 years ago in 1875.
It is also currently the preferred bidder on three further hospitals -the Queen Alexandra hospital project in Portsmouth and the William Osler and Royal Ottawa Hospitals, in Ontario, Canada -with a combined value of pounds 1.6 billion.
Sir William Osler recognized the connection when he observed asthma paroxysms could be induced by overloading the stomach.
This section is also where the gem of the collection is found: Faith Wallis's biographical essay on William Willoughby Francis, Sir William Osler's second cousin, first director of the Osler Library and compiler of the Bibliotheca Osleriana.
To answer these questions, I not only reviewed the literature, but also picked up one of William Osler's lesser known books, The Principles and Practice of Night Call.