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Paley, William,

1743–1805, English theologian. Ordained in 1767, he lectured on moral philosophy at Christ's College, Cambridge. Made a prebendary of the cathedral church of Carlisle (1780), he became archdeacon of the diocese (1782), and chancellor (1785), the year he published Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy. He wrote Horae Paulinae (1790), in proof that the New Testament is not "a cunningly devised fable," and A View of the Evidences of Christianity (1794), for which he is celebrated. Natural Theology; or, Evidences of the Existence and Attributes of the Deity (1802) achieved great popularity. In 1825 a complete edition of his writings was published by his son, Edmund Paley.
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Ruse invokes William Paley, William Whewell, John Herschel, Charles Lyell, and (distantly) Adam Smith, among others.
Impeccable in dress and manners, with a high-profile husband--media magnate William Paley, head of CBS--Babe leads a life that on the surface seems picture perfect.
differentiates neutral observers who stand outside what they observe (like William Paley or the explorers who come across a clearing in John Wisdom's famous "Gods") from committed beholders (like Darwin and, I would add, herself) who stand within the awesome realm they love, see, and reflect on.
As former Vice President and Publisher of McGraw-Hill's trade business books division, Jeffrey Krames has personally edited and published more than 300 business books, including many award-winning, best-selling titles on business luminaries that include Jack Welch, Michael Ovitz, Ross Perot, William Paley, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Herb Kelleher and Lou Gerstner among others.
Then later, the scene changed to Pearl's on West 48th Street where William Paley had put up a part of the money, and the theater's Irene Sharaff did the decor, and you saw Dietrich, Bacall and Mitchum and a funny guy named Woody Allen.
Lisanby was one of the pioneers of design work for TV, responsible for one of the first daytime shows for CBS--Aaron Copland's "Billy the Kid" in 1948--which included dance numbers beeause William Paley wanted to see if dance would work on TV.
Chapter 3 looks more broadly at the CBS Documentary Unit, founded in 1946 under William Paley, while Chapter 4 examines the work at rival radio networks NBC and ABC, and the growing span of subjects these broadcasters found worthy of attention.
The anchor of ABC's "This Week with Christiane Amanpour" joins the ranks of past award recipients including news anchors Diane Sawyer, Brian Williams and Tom Brokaw; newspaper publishers Katharine Graham, Al Neuharth and Otis Chandler; television executives William Paley, Frank Stanton and Ted Turner; and newspaper journalists Ben Bradlee, Helen Thomas and Bob Woodward.
THE WATCHMAKER ANALOGY MADE famous by William Paley the analogy is a teleological argument - an argument for the existence of God or a creator based on perceived evidence of order, intelligence, purpose, design, or direction.
This phrase is attributed to William Paley, a British Christian apologist and philosopher who was quoted in 1879 as saying, "Here is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance.
English clergyman William Paley (1743-1805) professed that if a person found a watch in an empty field, its Intricate design and practical purpose would lead that person to conclude that the watch had a watchmaker.
While broadcasting a weekly show on WJR in the late 1920s, Coughlin was heard by CBS owner William Paley.