William Parsons

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Parsons, William


(Third Earl of Rosse). Born June 17, 1800, in York; died Oct. 31, 1867, in Monkstown, Ireland. Irish astronomer. Member (1831) and president (1849–54) of the London Royal Society.

In 1845, Parsons constructed a reflecting telescope with a 182-cm mirror, which he set up at Birr Castle in Ireland. Using this telescope, he established the spiral structure of many extragalactic nebulae. Parsons was a member of the Royal Astronomical Society (1824) and a foreign member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1852).


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The sketch of the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) made by William Parsons, Earl of Rosse, in 1845, and placed opposite a full-color Hubble Space Telescope image of the same object, simply sings.
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Parsons was actually born in London, but after college he began his engineering training with a four-year apprenticeship at the works of Sir William Armstrong and Co at Elswick in Newcastle - a surprise move as he was the son of the famous astronomer and Earl, William Parsons.
In Ireland, William Parsons builds the Leviathan, a reflecting telescope with a mirror that is 6 feet in diameter.
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We also visited the impressive historic science centre where 19th Century astronomer William Parsons had his giant telescope, which was the world's largest for 75 years.
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