William Ramsay

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Ramsay, William


Born Oct. 2, 1852, in Glasgow; died July 23, 1916, in High Wycombe. British chemist and physicist. Professor at the University of Bristol (from 1880) and University College, London (1887–1913).

Ramsay was an honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1913).


Solov’ev, Iu. I., and L. P. Petrov. Vil’iam Ramzai, z852-z9z6. Moscow, 1971. (Contains bibliography.)
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WILLIAM RAMSAY SIR William Ramsay discovered five new elements - helium, neon, argon, krypton and xenon, now known as the noble gases.
William Ramsay Recreation Center, Monday, May 15, 6:30-8:30 p.
GOOD things come to those who wait and that was certainly the case for twice retired jockey, William Ramsay, 46, who ended an eight-year drought with a double on Great Gusto and Flying Master in Saturday's Lauderdale fixture at Mosshouses.
Anyone wanting to join the club will have to do it | Various substances |have been used as shoe polish for hundreds of years The early polishes |were natural substances such as wax and tallow The first shoe polish |to resemble the modern varieties was Kiwi It was created by |Scottish expatriates William Ramsay and Hamilton McKellan who began making "boot polish" in a small factory in 1904 in Melbourne, Australia the old fashioned way - over the bar.
William Ramsay discovered neon, but it was Claude who realized its potential for advertising and made it commercially feasible.
This was followed by Sir William Ramsay of London University in 1904 in "chemistry" for discovery of the inert gaseous elements and Lord Rayleigh of the Royal Institution of Great Britain in 1904 in "physics" for gas densities and the discovery of argon.
William Ramsay, Caspian's chairman and chief executive, said : 'With an improved balance sheet and new financing available for both capital expenditures and budgeted operating expenses for the next year, we will be able to return to our core business: exploring for oil.
County-Durham's Nobel Laureate Sir William Ramsay carried out the first experiments in the technology around the turn of the 20th century.
Caspian chairman and CEO William Ramsay stated that the new well is aimed at expanding the area, held by the partners under a 25-year production licence.
SEGHILL: Brad Glennie, Matthew Hall, Joe Baxter, David Turner, Ryan Wood, Sean Dowling, Callum Burgess, William Smith, Thomas Wright, William Ramsay, Philip Ballantyne, Brad Lambton, Charlie Miller, Lewis Banks, Matthew Black, Tom Ramsay, Josh Fenwick, Adam Roughead.
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Oil was unlikely to fall to $60 but it wouldn't get back up to $150 this year, either, IEA deputy executive director William Ramsay told Reuters in an interview.