William Strong

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Strong, William

(1808–95) Supreme Court justice; born in Somers, Conn. He served in the U.S. House of Representatives (Dem., Pa.; 1847–51) then returned to practice law. He sat on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court (1850–68) before President Grant named him to the U.S. Supreme Court (1870–80).
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In 1886, railroad land commissioner William Strong decided to try enticing settlers to Newberry by touting the region's agricultural potential.
Ominously, Justice William Strong's concurring opinion stated, "No obligation of a contract can extend to the defeat of a legitimate governmental authority."
William Strong, parish rector, told the more than 200 people who attended the anniversary celebration."This service will only be considered a success if you folks come back," he said.
Hitler had gone to enormous lengths to conceal his intentions, and with bad weather grounding Allied reconnaissance aircraft the build-up of German forces in the BIOGRAPHER STEPHEN AMBROSE BIOGRAPHER STEPHEN AMBROSE TRUSTED Major General Sir Kenneth William Strong TRUSTED Major General Sir Kenneth William Strong