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Winter, William,

1836–1917, American drama critic, biographer, and poet, b. Gloucester, Mass., grad. Harvard Law School, 1857. A member of the literary bohemians who met in Pfaff's Cellar in New York City in the 1850s, he summed up his memories of them—Bayard Taylor, Walt Whitman, and others—in Old Friends (1909). As drama critic for the New York Tribune (1865–1909), Winter vigorously opposed the advent of dramatic realism. His many studies of theatrical personalities and his Other Days (1908) and The Wallet of Time (1913), theatrical reminiscences, are useful histories of the period. Winter's poetry was collected in 1909.
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Others had made the same attempt, and there was a household of Blenkers--an intense and voluble mother, and three blowsy daughters who imitated her--where one met Edwin Booth and Patti and William Winter, and the new Shakespearian actor George Rignold, and some of the magazine editors and musical and literary critics.
I interviewed a preacher fishing off a dock in northeast Mississippi, and I interviewed Governor William Winter.
William Winter, Mamakwa's uncle and spiritual adviser, who devoted himself to the dream of creating a self-determining indigenous church within the Anglican Church of Canada.
In Mississippi, the William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation is bringing diverse communities together with programs such as the one that makes civil rights and human rights curriculum available for all students.
The murderer, a William Winter, was hung, drawn and quartered and his remains hung in irons on the gibbet near Elsdon.
4 Winter's Gibbet -Winter's Gibbet a grisly memorial to William Winter, the last man in England to be gibbeted.
I called William Winter who presided over the state of Mississippi as chief executive from 1980 to 1984.
Founded in 1999, the William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation builds more inclusive communities by promoting diversity and citizenship, and by supporting projects that help communities solve local challenges.
Three Predators players William Winter, Mark Winter and Martin Clyde were picked to travel to Italy with the Great British Lions.
Davis will replace William Winter, who retired earlier this month.
Dean William Winter, 81, died April 14, 2003 at his home in Raleigh, NC.
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